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Bronchial Stricture Bronchostenosis Congenital Emphysema Bronchial Obstruction Bronchial Disease Bronchial Compression Bronchial Spasm Bronchoscopy Congenital Bronchogenic Cyst Fibrinous Bronchitis Mycoplasma Pneumonia Chlamydia Infection Influenza Broncholithiasis Unresolved Pneumonia Cystic Fibrosis Kartagener Syndrome Bronchial Adenoma Bromocriptine Inhalation of Bromine Gas Bromide Bromfenac Bromate Poisoning Brodie Abscess Vicia Faba Favism Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Breath-Holding Spell Noninfiltrating Intraductal Carcinoma Intraductal Papilloma of the Breast Breast Hypertrophy Breast Irradiation Breast Disorder Phyllodes Tumor of the Breast Intraoperative Breast Biopsy Breast Adenoma Branchioma Teratoma of the Brain Brain Ependymoma Brain Contusion Familial Cerebral Arteriovenous Malformations Arteriovenous Angioma of the Brain Astrocytoma of the Brain Foster-Kennedy Syndrome Uncinate Seizure Thalamic Neoplasm Brain Surgery Brain Stem Neoplasm Brain Stem Infarction Anisocoria Brain Stem Herniation Intrapontine Hemorrhage Brain Stem Hemorrhage Brain Stem Disorder Cushing Ulcer Bacterial Encephalitis Subdural Hematoma Epilepsy Brain Laceration Vegetative State Brain Death Brain Compression Cerebral Salt-Wasting Syndrome Hemiparesis Sagittal Sinus Thrombosis Cyanotic Congenital Heart Disease Intracranial Hypertension Focal Motor Seizure Bradyarrhythmia Pteridium Turner Syndrome Brachydactyly Type E Brachial Plexus Neuritis Buxus Bowen's Disease Short Bowel Syndrome Bowel Resection Strangulated Hernia Volvulus Oculomotor Nerve Paralysis Myasthenia Gravis Trochlear Nerve Paralysis Tick Paralysis Infantile Botulism Botulism Deliberate Exposure to Botulinum Toxin Botulinum Toxin Injection of Eye Muscles Boric Acid Poisoning due to Boomslang Venom Reticulosarcoma Bone Radiation Bone Necrosis Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease Cryptogenic Organizing Pneumonia Capillary Leak Syndrome Bone Marrow Transplant Bone Marrow Aspiration Bone Fibroma Stress Fracture Bone Cyst