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PLED Left Only Paroxysmal Activity - Sharp-Waves Parietal Left Paroxysmal Activity - Spike-and-Slow-Wave Occipital Right Paroxysmal Activity - Spike-and-Slow-Wave Frontal Bilateral Suppression Parietal Bilaterally Sleep EEG Shows Sleep Spindles Asymmetry Alpha Rhythm Normal Symmetry Generalized Slow Theta Activities Generalized Slow Activities in Bifrontal Distribution Generalized Slow Activity in Biparietal Distribution Sleep EEG Shows Sleep Spindles Asymmetry Left Greater than Right Rhythmic Slowing Parietal Right Rhythmic Slowing Parietal Left Paroxysmal Activity - Sharp-Waves Frontal Paroxysmal Activity - Sharp-Waves Central Right Paroxysmal Activity - Spike-and-Slow-Wave Parietal Right Paroxysmal Activity - Spike-and-Slow-Wave Parietal Bilateral Suppression Temporal Background Activity Abnormal Awake Beta Activities Excessively Fast Slowing - Theta Waves Unilaterally Left Slowing - Theta Waves Bilaterally Paroxysmal Activity - Spikes Temporal Right Paroxysmal Activity - Spikes Parietal Paroxysmal Activity - Spike-and-Slow-Wave Temporal Right Abnormal EEG with Epileptiform Changes Focal Episodic Abnormality Generalized Continuous Abnormality EEG Normal Provocation Test Positive Tracé-alternant Artefact - Patient Movement Artefact - Technical Problems EEG Focal Pattern Focal Continuous Abnormality Multifocal Independent Spikes Generalized Asynchronous Slow-Waves Bisynchronous Slow-Waves Bilateral Repetitive Spike-and-Slow-Waves EEG Beta Activity Increased Delta or Theta Waves without Spikes and Sharp Waves Focal Delta Activity Focal Sharp-Waves or Spikes Occipital or Temporal Focal Slow-Waves Beta and Mu Asymmetry Alpha Rhythm Frequency Increased Bilateral Alpha Activity Decreased Temporal Intermittent Rhythmic Delta Activity Occipital Intermittent Rhythmic Delta Activity Frontal Intermittent Rhythmic Delta Activity Focal Polymorphic Delta Slowing Caudal Dysplasia Syndrome Panencephalitis Chronic Thyroiditis Foot Discomfort Lipomatosis Rheumatoid Factor Positive Dental Attrition Generalized Numbness Anemia due to Chronic Disorder Fibrothorax Dacroyps Heat Syncope Arterial Aneurysm Conjugated Hyperbilirubinemia Back Muscle Strain Hyperemesis Fragrance Sensitivity Vaginal Granulation Tissue Ulnar Nerve Compression Syndrome Abnormality of Refraction Lower Limb Ischemia Hemoglobin with Increased Affinity for Oxygen Hemorrhage of Liver Distal Myopathy Oral Mucositis Gastric Outlet Obstruction Emphysema Skin Pigmentation Disorder Calf Muscle Strain Cholesterolosis Traumatic Liver Injury Skin Cancer Amphibian Venom Plasma Cell Vulvitis Herniated Thoracic Disc Turf Toe Laryngeal Nerve Injury Environmental Exposure Ecthyma Gangrenosum Pelvic Injury Extrasystoles Premature Rupture of Membranes Cecal Ulcer Postinflammatory Hyperpigmentation Coital Headache Metabolic Presbyacusis Opsoclonus Medication Overuse Headache Severe Dysmenorrhea